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Vxenty's Introduction


Aug 21, 2019
Hello my name is Vxenty. I have been playing jailbreak for around 3 years now and I was a member in this community before they took down all the servers. I recently noticed that they brought all the servers back up and are now trying to re build the community. I was very excited when I noticed this because pb was my favorite place to play jailbreak. When they ended up shutting down the servers I quit tf2 in general and started playing ps4. I recently got back into jailbreak and tf2 then decided to look up the pb website to see what was going on and ended up finding out about how they re started. Before they shut down the servers I have always wanted to become admin and help out the community and I never got to because of my age, but now that the servers are back up I may have a chance. I hope this community goes back to how it was before and I hope that we get great people to join.


New member
Former Staff
Jul 7, 2019
Hey! Welcome back to the community. We are thrilled to have you. If you got any questions feel free to ask the staff or me, if Im free I will answer!