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Read Me Admin/Player Report Template

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Apr 10, 2019
Report Template

Title of Thread: Insert username here Report.​

1) My Age:

2) My Steam ID32:

3) My Steam ID64:

4) Their Steam ID32:

5) Their Steam ID64:

6) Server IP & Name:

7) Map Name:

8) Date & Time:

9) DETAILED Report:

10) Proof (Screenshots or a demo, demos are preferred):

11) Staff Members Present(If any):

Title of Thread: Moisho Report.​

1) My Age: Forty-two years old.

2) My Steam ID32: STEAM_0:0:47636963

3) My Steam ID64: http://steamcommunit...61198055539654/

4) Abuser Steam ID32: STEAM_0:1:44010748

5) Abuser Steam ID64: http://steamcommunit...61198048287225/

6) Server IP & Name:, Phenom.Network | Executes #1 | !ws/knife/gloves | UK

7) Map Name(As best as possible please): de_cache

8) Date & Time: October 25th, 2013. 7:14 - 8 P.M. EASTERN STANDARD TIME. (EST)

9) DETAILED Report: Well, I was on Executes #1, I was simply running around, talking with my friend, nobody was complaining, and the abuser just gagged me, muted me, and kicked me, when I rejoined they kept kicking me, after the fourth time they didn't kick me, but after awhile they banned me.

10) Proof (Screenshots or a demo, demos are preferred): http://steamcommunit...s/?id=133560296

11) Staff Members Present: Computerwiz123, FluxyLynx, VoidNemesis,

Important Notes & Information

  • Age Notes & Information: If you're an admin, you do not need to add your age, simply type N/A, admin, or Not Applicable.
  • Steam ID's Notes & Information: Type status in console to receive the STEAM ID32, and go to a reputable site, such as http://steamrep.com to find the ID 64 and so on through their community URL and ID from typing status in console, you need to enable console use in-game through going into your Options>Keyboard Options>Miscellaneous, if it isn't pre-enabled to your ` key. After that you simply need to search them using their status ID you received. (Another website not listed to find the steam ID's: http://steamidfinder.com/. )
  • Server IP & Name Notes & Information: By typing status in console you can find the server name and IP as well!
  • Date & Time Notes & Information: I can't stress the fact you include as specific as possible timing, in regards to exact time range from start to finish, specifically a time zone mentioned, but preferably EST also.
  • Demo & Screenshot Notes & Information: Without proof the report will most likely be not noticed, or entirely disregarded, so be sure to get proof, whether it is console pictures, in-game pictures, and most preferably a demo. To take pictures it should be your F12 key for in-game pictures that save onto steam which should be linked here. You may also use print-screen on your computer, pressing control, and on the top left (usually) of your computer the prt sc button, going into 'paint' on your computer, pressing control and your v button, and saving that. You may then upload that image via an image sharing website, such as http://imgur.com/. Also make sure the screenshots are just as detailed, but remember to try and get a demo first. To record a demo, simply type "record 'insert player name here'" in console and spectate that player, to examine further details behind recording demos examine http://wiki.teamfort...Recording_demos, and especially under the 'Sharing Demo Files' part, just so you understand how to actively share the files. So for this example above type this in console without quotes, "record moisho", then when done and willing to submit type stop, examine the link mentioned, and show us the demo. Again, pictures are acceptable, but demos are HIGHLY preferred. Take pictures while you can, if you can, they're faster, simpler, etc, but don't stop yourself from recording the demo at the same time. It's not necessary to get records or pictures in those forms either, just recordings or pictures in general.
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